We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes

Famously said by Leona Helmsley; disgraced wife of real estate scion Harry/talented businesswoman — cum con artist — in her own right.

Tax dodging is, well, as American as obesity and the fat cat purveyors of said endeavors can be…

Charles “Chuck” Feeney had one goal in mind after accumulating his billions: give it away.

And not “give it away” with much self-congratulatory hoopla advised by high-powered publicists trying to make it seem that he’s done something noble and special. No, Feeney just wanted to give it away.

He did…

And we’re not talking measly Washingtons…

Louise Linton and hubby “showing off”

…those are for Main Street rubes and those useless small businesses.

No, we’re in the realm of the big stuff — Benjamins to be exact — and they’ll be striding out of Treasury quicker than thoroughbreds out of a Triple Crown paddock and into the pockets of the needy (like…

Joel Sucher

Joel Sucher has been producing documentaries for some fifty years and writing about subjects like surveillance, cinema, anarchism, foreclosure (among others).

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