We don’t pay taxes; only the little people pay taxes

Famously said by Leona Helmsley; disgraced wife of real estate scion Harry/talented businesswoman — cum con artist — in her own right.

Tax dodging is, well, as American as obesity and the fat cat purveyors of said endeavors can be found among the ranks of billionaires; from too-much-yang energy, Elon Musk, to the ‘aw shucks I’m just an ordinary guy’, Warren Buffet.

Then, you have Big Business… and the bigger the business, it seems, the less forked over in the way of taxes. In a breezy report issued by the…

…was all it took to bring fictionalized accounts of Fascist takeovers from supposition to hard cold reality.

Insurrections have been the stuff of fiction since Sinclair Lewis postulated a coup in his classic It Can’t Happen Here. Rex Stout followed, lock step, with The President Vanishes (the basis for William Wellman’s 1934 feature of the same name). Jack London put pen to paper with his own dramatic rendering in The Iron Heel.

Streaming platforms have recently taken Philip K Dick’s classic, Man in a High Castle, and Philip Roth’s, Plot Against America, to wider audiences but for my money nothing…

Charles “Chuck” Feeney had one goal in mind after accumulating his billions: give it away.

And not “give it away” with much self-congratulatory hoopla advised by high-powered publicists trying to make it seem that he’s done something noble and special. No, Feeney just wanted to give it away.

He did succeed and on September 14th he shut down Atlantic Philanthropies. It took him something like forty years to shower $8 billion dollars on a wide variety of necessary campaigns: from human rights to expanded health care to scientific research (among others).

Feeney and his wife now live in a modest…

The outcry over Con-Ed’s response — or lack thereof — to the widespread and prolonged power outages wrought by tropical storm Isaias reinforced one simple and easily comprehensible fact: Con-Edison owes its allegiance to investors looking to make a profit and not to the ratepayers that pay for the bloated salaries of Con-Ed’s senior management (John McAvoy — the current boss — took in a cool $8.9 million as compensation in 2019).

This misuse of bucks does give pause for thought.

After every windy storm that hits the New York metro area there’s much hair pulling about Con Ed’s failures…

01/31/2012 07:06 pm ET Huffington Post


Goldman Sachs continues to amaze and, daresay, underscores how Crony Capitalism will seek whatever advantage it can from whatever crisis to simply make a buck. This is the first of a series of articles written for Huffington Post which chronicled the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. The Goldman entity otherwise known as MTGLQ has continued to operate unfettered and, by extension, is listed as plaintiff in numerous on-going foreclosure cases. …

A wonderful piece with much contemporary relevance written by my sister, Cheryl Sucher, for

Phil & Fay Sucher, Lubeck Germany 1947

A few days ago, I texted a much beloved colleague to hear how her father was faring; he had been stricken by Covid-19 a few weeks before and had been intubated and placed into a medically-induced coma. An ebullient, vivacious whirlwind, she had recently become engaged to her soulmate and had left our store to take on a national sales position. We were thrilled for her, but we were also bereft to lose her. When the store closed in mid-March because of the pandemic, she…

And we’re not talking measly Washingtons…

Louise Linton and hubby “showing off”

…those are for Main Street rubes and those useless small businesses.

No, we’re in the realm of the big stuff — Benjamins to be exact — and they’ll be striding out of Treasury quicker than thoroughbreds out of a Triple Crown paddock and into the pockets of the needy (like my old comrades at Goldman Sachs).

Get with it America: the Quants on Wall Street and their Capitalist brainiacs have transformed the economy into one that provides hefty rewards for those who gamble — with other people’s money — for their own benefit. It’s called financialization and something my aforementioned…

Steven Mnuchin trying to sound assuring as he makes his through a Covid-19 press briefing

The Boss wasn’t too pleased with the Lord of Money — Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin — and, reportedly, laid a tirade on the poor lad over the tanking of Wall Street in recent days.

After all, Fed Big Wig, Larry Powell, was Mnuchin’s choice to run the Fed and initially seemed to prove a minor irritant to the Boss when refusing to bow and scrape when hit with all sorts of White House demands to lower the interest rate.

That was then but now with a Covid-19 pandemic in full swing Stevie has taken the reins in an effort to…

“I’m coming for you” Picture Credit: New York Times

Obviously, the Covid-19 has changed everything and in the massive response to a tumbled, destroyed economy Wall Street has put its faith in their faithful servant: Steven Mnuchin.

In desperation he’s trying to restore that faith and to that end is working hard to make sure that the Billionaires and their Crony Capitalist Corporations (think: Goldman Sachs, near and dear to Mnuchin’s heart) get their full share of bailout money before the ordinary folk — like you and me — get the limited share of leftovers.

It’s “let them eat cake” time for Main Street and clearly companies like Goldman…

Joel Sucher

Joel Sucher has been producing documentaries for some fifty years and writing about subjects like surveillance, cinema, anarchism, foreclosure (among others).

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